Sustainable Salons Program

Injectables by Katy is stepping into the future!


Sustainable Salons is a for-purpose enterprise dedicated to getting people, planet, and profit working for each other. What started as a resource recovery program in 2015, has now grown into an organisation that inspires leaders across the feel-good industries to align their actions with their values. They empower conscious businesses and their consumers to make a real and measurable impact, helping divert resources from landfill and transform them into a positive force for good.

You may be surprised to learn that our industry sends more than 1,500 tons of recyclable aluminium back to landfills each year in Australia alone.


sustainable salons

Our clinic now recycles up to 95% of resources used within the salon just by being a part of the Sustainable Salons program. “We are committed to sustainable growth that encourages social responsibility and respect for the planet. This simple initiative can make all the difference to what were once valuable resources headed for landfill becoming a future resource”, says Katy owner of Injectables by Katy

Did you know, that all proceeds earned from the sales of metal and paper recycling are donated to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to fund meals for disadvantaged people – Sustainable Salons donates more than 5,500 meals every month! As consumers become more aware of the impact the products they use have on the environment, they have also welcomed the opportunity to make a difference.

By joining Sustainable Salons, Injectables by Katy are grateful they can support charities, benefit the community, and attract clients who hold the same values, while also helping Make Sustainability a Reality. We are proud to be the first Injectables Clinic in Cairns to take this step.

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